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Critical reedition of O.M. Ungers' and Rem Koolhaas' 

The city in the city. Berlin a Green Archipelago

The City in the City - Berlin: A Green Archipelago (1977) is one of the most intriguing urban manifestos of the late 20th century. Authored by Oswald Mathias Ungers and Rem Koolhaas, in collaboration with Peter Riemann, Hans Kollhoff, and Arthur Ovaska, this project was the first to introduce the notion of the archipelago in the urban design sphere, and certainly the first to both address and endorse the contemporary phenomenon of urban degrowth.

But despite its strength and originality - and some kind of mythical fame - which make it a close relative to Collage City and Delirious New York, it has remained relatively unknown for more than 35 years, even though its relevance has only increased since then. Including yet unpublished material and a facsimile of the original manifesto, this critical edition clarifies the condition of its genesis and, most of all, reloads it in our debate on the future of cities and territories.

Editors: Florian Hertweck & Sébastien Marot
Design: Lars Müller, Zurich
Publisher: Lars Müller, Zurich
First edition published in 1977
First reedition published in English, German and French in 2013 - 175 pages - with interviews with Rem Koolhaas, Peter Riemann, Hans Kollhoff and Arthur Ovaska
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