Buchtipp für die Corona-Krise: Andreas Reckwitz' Gesellschaft der Singularitäten

/// Florian Hertweck a participé au jury du concours “Gîtes Red-Rock-Trail”, organisé par l’OAI et Pro-Sud. Dans le cadre d’Esch capitale européenne de culture 2022, un certain nombre d’équipements et constructions aujourd’hui délaissés le long d’un parcours de randonnée à travers le paysage au sud du Luxembourg seront réaménagés en gîtes.


/// Florian Hertweck participated in the competition jury « Wunnquartier Stade » urban planning competition. During this first stage the jury selected project ideas for the development of the site of the former stadium of the city of Luxembourg into an urban area with the focus on affordable housing. The next stage consists of a workshop process with seven selected teams.


© Gisela Dutschmann

/// Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2019, 19 Uhr 
Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "1989–2019: Politik des Raums im Neuen Berlin" diskutieren Florian Hertweck, MetroZones – Zentrum für städtische Angelegenheiten (Berlin), Nina Scholz (Journalistin und Autorin, Berlin) und Schroeter & Berger (Gestalter, Berlin) zum Thema "Mythos der Kreativität" 

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein n.b.k.

/// coming out in November in German and in Spring 2020 in English:

Architecture on Common Ground. Positions and Models on the Land Property Issue at Lars Müller Publishers -

edited by Florian Hertweck and designed by Thomas Mayfried

with contributions by Arno Brandlhuber, Sylvia Claus, Reinier de Graaf, Simon Frommenwiler, Tanja Herdt, Giovanni La Varra, Dirk Löhr, Anthony Engi Meacock, Jacqueline Tellinga, Laura Weissmüller and many others.

/// Florian Hertweck gives a talk about the land property issue at the laba studio / Prof. Harry Gugger at EPL Lausanne.

30th September 14h45 - 15h30. Salle AAC 014 

/// Florian Hertweck and Milica Topalovic present their design strategy for Greater Geneva at the XXII Triennale du Milano "Broken Nature" during the Milano Arch Week at the Conference "Anthropocene and Architecture"

25th May 10:15 -12:00 and in Geneva on 3th July from 10 am on

/// Florian Hertweck spricht zur Eröffnung der Wohnwochen Düsseldorf mit dem Thema "Strategien für bezahlbares Wohnen. Gerecht. Sozial. Bezahlbar" zum Verhältnis der Wohnungsfrage zur Bodenfrage.

Organisiert vom BDA Düsseldorf

16. Mai 2019 19 Uhr - Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf

/// Baustellenfotos Haus Röhrig in Sinzig

© Florian Hertweck

© Florian Hertweck

/// Florian Hertweck lectures on the design methodology in the work of O.M. Ungers at the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

1st April 2019 - 11:15 / Farelhaus in Biel

/// Florian Hertweck presents the latest research and projects on Berlin at the University of Tokyo - Chair Kengo Kuma.

24th Octobre 2018 - 18:30 / Lecture Room 15

© LUCA / Alberto Sinigaglia

© LUCA / Alberto Sinigaglia

/// Opening of the Luxembourg Pavilion at the 16th Architecture Biennial in Venice, for the first time in the Arsenale. Swiss Federal President Alain Berset, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Minister for Finance Pierre Gramegna from Luxembourg, as well as Arch+ Editor Anh-Linh Ngo, honoured us with their visit. After six months the Architecture of the Common Ground has been visited by more than 70 000 people. 

/// Release of the new Arch+. Florian Hertweck presents the Arch+ Feature "The Architecture of the Common Ground", and debated with Oana Bogdan, Olaf Grawert, Marija Maric and Christopher Roth about the land property issue.

22th March 2018 - Haus der Kulturen Berlin

© Arch+

© Matthias Kestel

© Arch+

© Matthias Kestel

© Matthias Kestel

/// Florian Hertweck lectured on the land property issue and debated with Marc Angélil, Cary Siress, and Alex Lehnerer at the conference Porous City - From Metaphor to Urban Agenda, organised by Sophie Wolfrum at TU Munich.

16th March 2018 15:00 - Mucca munich centre for community arts 

/// Florian Hertweck intervient à l'EPF Lausanne dans le cadre du séminaire Figures of the contemporary urban project, Palimpseste-Network-Archipelago-Garden, aux côtés de Jean-Yves Chapuis (ENSA Val de Seine) et de Pier Vittorio Aureli (AA London). Organisé par le lab-u sous la direction de Paola Viganò.

21 novembre 2017 - EPF Lausanne

/// Conférence inaugural de Florian Hertweck à l'Université du Luxembourg "Qu'est-ce que l'architecture ? Et à quoi ça sert ?"

1er mars 2017 - Université du Luxembourg - Maison du Savoir

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