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Taiwan Tower

The Taiwan Tower Planning, Design and Construction Supervision Service Project is part of an important district in Taichung city that is currently in full redevelopment, located in what will become one of the most important areas of the city. 

Leaving from the premise of a new vision on the territorial scale, between the city and the country side or production and consumption to Taichung city, this project looks primarily at program as key. 

Our project proposes therefore a city inside a tower that becomes a vertical urban district mixing together different activities such as the research center, the observatory, the city museum, a hotel, offices, housings, restaurants etc. The correlation that will interlock our project with the city in which it will take roots is visible also through its connection with the different flows: transport flows, human flows or energetic flows. As such, the tower plugs-in directly to the different networks of infrastructure, the road and the metro, whose new station will be directly connected to the tower. In the same way, the new park will be prolonged within the tower and constitute a true biosphere for the ensemble of the functions.

TAI_plan rdc.jpg
TAI_com_img_pers_ext_entree copie.JPG
Architects: Florian Hertweck & Pierre Alexandre Devernois
Project Team: F. Hertweck, P. A. Devernois, Loïc Morin
Location: Berlin / International Open Competition
Surface: 24 000 m²
Date: 2015 (unbuilt)
Structural engineer: Bollinger Grohmann Ingenieure, Paris, Klaas de Rycke
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